You’ve told us through student reviews and 3rd party Metrics That Matter scores that we’ve been doing an excellent job at providing a high quality learning experience. And that’s why we are in this crazy business of staying on top of the ever changing technology landscape. And we all know that to stay on top of technology today you have to have a really good network.

We do. And we are proud of our partners’ credentials.

You see, not just anybody or any organization can partner with us, because we’re serious when it comes to keeping our top rankings for a quality learning experience. That’s why we were a founding partner of the EPIC Learning Network and why we have secured strategic partnerships with the some of the nation’s top-rated independent consultant instructors and training providers in a variety of specialty topic areas.


Strategic Learning Partnerships – Our Army of Technology Guru’s

MAX alone can’t cover all the technologies and knowledge bases out there, but MAX with strategic partnerships comes really close. We’ve built thriving partnerships with North America’s leading technology guru’s in technologies like Cisco, Citrix, F5, VMware and more. These partners work with us on a regular basis, providing their specific expertise and offering our expertise to their clients as well.

Sometimes clients approach us with a request for training in new technologies we haven’t yet heard about. When this happens, it doesn’t take long to find the right source through our network of partners. If the expertise does not exist within our partner network, we will research and carefully choose a new partner based on the depth and breadth of their knowledge and on their teaching ability, or direct you to a company that can fulfill your need.


EPIC Learning Network

MAX is a founding partner of the EPIC Learning Network, a North American consortium of independently owned and operated IT training centers in the United States and Canada who have all committed to a consistent and uniform level of training excellence.

Our EPIC Learning Network membership provides us access to 200+ instructors in 120+ locations throughout North America.

Through EPIC and other learning partners we have a national network of knowledge experts throughout the US and Canada with access to their facilities, instructors, and most importantly, their expertise and knowledge-base.