Welcome to MAX

The coffee is brewing, a continental breakfast awaits you, your computer is fired up and your instructor is ready to kick off a day of awesome learning.

Because we take your learning seriously, we do everything we can to help power you through your day.

The first time you take a class at our facility you may be surprised to see how everything about the learning experience is orchestrated so you can focus without distraction and in comfort; from your supportive, high-backed executive chair and dual-monitors to complimentary food and beverages throughout the day. Before you arrive we will have cleaned and sterilized your keyboard, mouse, table, chair, monitors and head-phones (if used). Our IT Support Specialist will stop by to check on you before class begins and if you are one of those who can’t disconnect completely from home and office, you will have no problems with wireless connectivity.

The MAX Break Room

Supposedly the human brain can hold 4 terabytes, but everyone gets an out-of-service error every now and then. That’s why MAX students take regular breaks in our comfy break room. It’s here where you will savor free food and drinks including the most popular machine in the building, our brew-by-the-cup coffee machine. You will also find a television, magazines, and plenty of wifi to stay connected with your home and office.


The Remote Classroom

MAX virtual classrooms allow you to “take a seat” in a remote class from one of our well-appointed workstations, or your own laptop. You’ll participate in real time, ask questions and relate with other students, and plug into an enormous range of subject matter from our training partners.


The Live Classroom

MAX’s classrooms are spacious with comfortable, ergonomic learning stations for every student. Our low student-to-instructor ratio ensures that the issues related to your particular IT environment are addressed. Your company may also rent MAX classrooms for lectures and other events.


Powering Your Brain

At MAX, we think your brain is brilliant. It’s a powerful machine that you rely upon to do everything from pumping your blood to saving your boss from .  That’s why we do all we can to help power your brain for focus and learning – including food!  Nobody goes hungry at MAX. We’ll keep your brain fueled up with nutritious snacks, and a complimentary continental breakfast.