Our hiring partners are looking for multi-tool professionals that have experience in the languages and technology used in business critical applications. JAVA is one of the most popular languages today and C# of the .NET framework is used in every Microsoft reliant business. In the MAX Coding & Career Bootcamp you’ll receive foundational instruction in both. If you have questions about the difference between the two. Give us a call. It would be like trying to read the longest text message ever. Do you like blogs? We have one. There’s an article on JAVA vs. .NET.


The Coding & Career Bootcamp is designed to change your career path and set you on a professional course for success. The Coding Bootcamp is an accelerated full-stack bootcamp integrated with the relevant technologies of today and tomorrow. Our career advisors have prepared a holistic and fine tuned program to give you the confidence you need to impress employers.

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Our network of hiring and corporate partners are engaged with our hiring events and the support from MAX lasts your lifetime. Anytime you encounter a career changing moment, give us a call, and we’ll be right here to help you.


We’ve laid out the curriculum for the Coding & Career Bootcamp in a helpful chart so you can see the hours of instruction we invest in our students over the entirety of their bootcamp. We love to talk about the technologies in our bootcamp and we can connect you with our instructors for a deeper conversation, if you’re ready.

MAX JAVA and .NET Technology Curriculum Chart


If you’re considering a MAX Coding & Career Bootcamp, take a look at our upcoming start dates, and let’s talk about which one is perfect for you. Register for an upcoming Coding & Career Bootcamp Breakdown.  All MAX Career Bootcamps are scheduled as in-person training but we have the capability to run them virtually.  Recognizing our health crisis, MAX is ready to to change careers, remotely. 

Spring           Part-time Java         5/18/20        

Summer        Full-time .NET         6/8/20          

Fall                 Full-time JAVA        9/15/20       

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