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Web Application Secure Coding & Testing Course Overview

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In this 1 hour Webinar, our instructor will highlight the events of the 5-Day Secure Coding & Testing focuses on preparing students for the real world of Web App Testing through extensive lab exercises, thought provoking lectures led by an expert instructor. He will also review of the entire body of knowledge as it pertains to web application pen testing through a high-energy seminar approach.

Webinar time: 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm

The highlights of this course include:

  • Learn the Secrets of Web App Pen Testing in a totally hands-on classroom environment
  • Learn how to exploit and defend real-world web apps – not just silly sample code
  • Understand how to find Vulnerabilities in Source Code
  • Take home a fully featured Web App Pen Test Toolkit
  • Learn how perform OWASP Top 10 Assessments – for PCI DSS compliance
  • Leave Certified – Exam delivered On-Site


Intensive Hands-On Training:
Our course is a totally hands-on learning experience. From the first day to the last day, you will learn the ins and outs of Web App and critical mistakes made by programmers who have been doing it wrong for year. By attending thought provoking lectures led by an expert instructor. Every lecture is directly followed up by a comprehensive lab exercise (we also set up and provide lab workstations so you don't waste valuable class time installing tools and apps).

Typical lab exercises consist of a real-world app that demonstrates a vulnerability commonly found in a web app. You learn how to assess the app much as a black hat hacker would, exploit the app so that you can demonstrate the true risk of the vulnerability to the application owner. This can involve taking control of the application itself, downloading data the application stores, or potentially using the app as a launching pad to attack unsuspecting visitors with a malicious script. Finally, the lab will follow up with remediation steps so that the application owner can properly close down the security hole for good.

Up To Date, Current, Courseware
The threat landscape for Web Applications changes on a near continuous basis. Bad guys wishing to attack your applications know that they need to stay ahead of the curve in order to get in. For this reason, our courseware is continuously updated.

Expert Instruction
Not only is he active in the field of pen testing, he is an industry-recognized expert that present at conferences such as DEFCON, Hacker Halted and others. Our instructor is responsible for one of the top Application Penetration Testing books on the market today: CAST 613


Max Technical Training offers this award winning Application Penetration Testing program to train and prepare IT Security Professionals.

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1 Hour Course

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