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Software Requirements: An Executive Overview On-Demand


Do you need to educate busy managers or your business partners about the key concepts in software requirements engineering and help them understand why solid requirements are fundamental to project success?

This web-based eLearning course presents a condensed summary of requirements definitions, major practices for requirements development and management, and ways that emphasizing requirements can actually accelerate software development. The business value of investing in better requirements and better requirements processes is explained. Data shows the benefit of selected requirements practices. Consider facilitating a presentation of this seminar to your senior managers and key user representatives to help them understand why this is such an important topic.


The eLearning version of this seminar consists of 4 modules totalling 95 minutes in length:

  • Introduction to Requirements Engineering (25 minutes)
  • Business Impact of Better Requirements on Projects (20 minutes)
  • Good Practice Summaries (45 minutes)
  • Closing Thoughts (5 minutes)
$200.00 List Price

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