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SharePoint Governance…It may not be what you think it is… – Webinar

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SharePoint`s greatest strengths – flexibility and user empowerment – can also become its greatest weaknesses if you don`t adequately plan for tremendous growth and proliferation of SharePoint sites/usage. SharePoint Governance has become a hot topic for organizations who`ve embraced SharePoint in a big way.

Webinar time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Topics will include:

  • SharePoint Governance - No garbage in, no garbage out - keeping SharePoint clean
  • What you will get without SharePoint Governance
  • How to plan your governance team
  • Governance is not a just a document and Governance is not just a Plan
  • How to plan for a phased roll out

My Goals:

  • To get you thinking
  • To get you concerned
  • To convince you to get started on a plan

The takeaways:

  • More questions than answers! (homework!)
  • A list of things to be concerned about
  • A motivation to have a plan
  • The need to communicate the plan to the users of SharePoint
  • That a plan will never be complete, it will evolve as you integrate SharePoint into your enterprise


Anyone interested in learning more about SharePoint.

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