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QuickBooks Pro Level 2

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Have you mastered the basics of setting-up your business using QuickBooks Pro and would like to learn more? Our Quickbooks Pro Level 2 class takes students into some of the more advanced features included in this versatile accounting software package.

In this one day instructor-led course students will:

  • Learn to customize forms
  • Work with credit card transactions
  • Work with Asset, Liability and Equity accounts
  • Create and customize reports and graphs
  • Track and pay sales tax
  • Manage payroll, complete job estimates, time tracking and costing
  • Create customized letters and forms
  • Synchronize with Contact Management software.


Lesson 1: Customizing Forms
  • Customizing an Invoice
  • Modifying a Purchase Order Template
  • Printing Invoices
Lesson 2: Using QuickBooks' Other Accounts
  • QuickBooks' Other Account Types
  • Tracking Credit Card Transactions
  • Working with Asset Accounts
  • Working with Liability Accounts
  • Understanding Equity Accounts
Lesson 3: Creating Reports
  • Creating QuickReports
  • Modifying QuickBooks
  • Memorizing QuickReports
  • Running Preset Reports
  • Modifying Preset Reports
  • Memorizing Report Settings
  • Exporting a Report to Microsoft Excel
  • Printing Reports
Lesson 4: Creating Graphs
  • Creating QuickInsight Graphs
  • Creating a New Graph
  • Using QuickZoom with Graphs
  • Working with the Sales Graph
  • Customizing Graphs
  • Printing Graphs
Lesson 5: Tracking and Paying Sales Tax
  • Using Sales Tax in QuickBooks
  • Setting Up Tax Rates and Agencies
  • Determining What You Owe
  • Paying Your Tax Agencies
Lesson 6: Doing Payroll with QuickBooks
  • Using Payroll Tracking
  • Setting Up for Payroll
  • Setting Up Employee Payroll Information
  • Writing a Payroll Check
  • Printing Paycheck Stubs
  • Tracking Your Tax Liabilities
  • Paying Payroll Taxes
  • Printing Forms 940 and 941


QuickBooks Pro Level 1 or equivalent knowledge
$395.00 List Price

1 Day Course

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