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JavaScript and jQuery Introduction

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In this 5-day instructor led course you will learn that jQuery is a free, open-source, JavaScript library that provides dozens of methods that make it easier to code JavaScript applications (like slide shows, carousels, and image swaps). What’s more, the jQuery methods are coded and tested for cross-browser compatibility, so they will work in all browsers.
Those are just two of the reasons why jQuery is used in more and more of today’s most popular web sites. In fact, it’s becoming so widely used that every professional web developer needs to learn it.


Section 1: JavaScript essentials
Chapter 1:
  • Introduction to web development
Chapter 2:
  • Getting started with JavaScript
Chapter 3:
  • How to work with objects, functions, and events
Chapter 4:
  • How to test and debug a JavaScript application
Chapter 5:
  • How to work with arrays
Chapter 6:
  • How to script the DOM with JavaScript
Section 2: jQuery essentials
Chapter 7:
  • Get off to a fast start with jQuery
Chapter 8:
  • How to use effects and animations
Chapter 9:
  • How to use the DOM manipulation and traversal methods
Chapter 10:
  • How to work with forms and data validation
Chapter 11:
  • How to create and use plugins
Section 3: jQuery UI essentials
Chapter 12:
  • Get off to a fast start with jQuery UI themes and widgets
Chapter 13:
  • How to use jQuery UI interactions and effects
Section 4: Ajax, JSON, and API essentials
Chapter 14:
  • How to use Ajax, JSON, and Blogger
Chapter 15:
  • How to use the APIs for YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr
Chapter 16:
  • How to use the API for Google Maps
Section 5: jQuery Mobile essentials
Chapter 17:
  • Get off to a fast start with jQuery Mobile
Chapter 18:
  • How to enhance a jQuery Mobile web site
Reference aids
  • Appendix A: How to set up your computer for this book
  • Appendix B: A summary of the applications in this book
  • Appendix C: How to resolve $ conflicts


  • The student should be familiar with html design and layout including CSS used in the web page development cycle. HTML5 & CSS3 features are recommended but not necessary.
  • Basic knowledge of computer programming in C++, C#, or Java.


Anyone interested in learning how to build a web page using jQuery.
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5 Days Course

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