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Introduction to MDX Queries

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This two day class provides an introduction to Multi-Dimensional Expression (MDX) queries will provide students with the foundation needed to write MDX queries and expressions. This class is designed for both the report writer and the cube designer who needs to be able to write and/or edit MDX code. Although the support course materials are designed for SQL Server 2008, this class will benefit anyone with SQL Server 2005 or later. In SQL Server 2012, MDX can be used to access both multi-dimensional and tabular SSAS models.

By taking this class, you will learn and practice using the topics most critical to understanding MDX such as; dimension terminology, members, tuples, sets, and functions.


Module 1: Welcome to MDX Presents MDX as a means to deliver business value. This module is critical to establishing the concepts and vocabulary employed throughout.
  • The Business Intelligence Landscape
  • The Dimensional Model
  • Implementing the Dimensional Model
  • The MDX Language
Module 2: Using the MDX Query Editor Introduces the practical aspects of constructing and executing an MDX query using the MDX Query Editor.
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • The MDX Query Editor
  • Building a Simple MDX Query
  • Exploring the Step-by-Step Cube
  • Building a More Complex Query
Module 3: Understanding Topics Presents the concept of tuples. Understanding tuples is key to the successful use of the MDX language.
  • N-dimensional Space
  • Cube Space
  • Accessing Data with Tuples
  • Understanding Cells
  • Working with Partial Tuples
  • Building Tuples with User-Hierarchies
Module 4: Working with Sets Expands the concept of tuples to include sets. With knowledge of tuples and sets, the MDX SELECT statement is explored.
  • Set Basics
  • Understanding the SELECT Statement
  • Building Sets with Functions
  • Limiting Sets
Module 5: Working with Expressions Introduces MDX expressions. Using calculated members, explore expressions as a means for deriving values through Analysis Services.
  • Expression Basics
  • Calculated Members
  • Building Dynamic Expressions
  • Resolving Contextual Conflicts
  • Building Complex Expressions
MDX Functions Module 6: Building Complex Sets Assembly of complex sets using a variety of MDX functions. (Building just the right set is critical to retrieving the data you need from your cubes.)
  • Assembling Ordered Sets
  • Retrieving the First or Last Tuples of a Set
  • Filtering Sets
  • Combining Sets
  • Performing Advanced Set Construction
Module 7: Performing Aggregation Explains the appropriate use of the MDX aggregation functions. Thoughtful application of these functions provides access to insightful metrics.
  • Performing Summation
  • Calculating Averages
  • Identifying Minimum and Maximum Values
  • Counting Tuples in Sets
Module 8: Navigating Hierarchies Explores the positioning of members in hierarchies and how this can be exploited using the navigation functions.
  • Accessing Immediate Relatives
  • Accessing Extended Relatives
  • Navigating within a Level
Module 9: Working with Time Introduces you to the time-based MDX functions, through which critical business metrics can be derived.
  • Understanding the Time Dimension
  • Calculating an Accumulating Total
  • Performing Period-over-Period Analysis
  • Combining Time-Based Metrics
MDX Applications Module 10: Enhancing the Cube
  • Understanding the MDX Script
  • Constructing Calculated Members
  • Assembling Named Sets
Chapter 11: Implementing Dynamic Security
  • Understanding Dynamic Security
  • Implementing Attribute-Hierarchy Restrictions
  • Implementing Cell-Level Restrictions
Chapter 12: Building Reports
  • Getting Started
  • Connecting to Analysis Services
  • Designing the Dataset
  • Adding Parameters to the Dataset
  • Presenting the Data in the Report


Students should have an understanding of and experience with SQL Server Multi-dimensional Analysis Services and general cube concepts or attendance in a Microsoft 6234 or 10778 class.


Anyone who needs to write MDX queries to develop advanced datasets in Reporting Services, or anyone who needs to create custom calculations, KPIs, actions, or security in SQL Server Analysis Service`s Cubes.
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