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Crystal Reports 2013 Designer Level 2

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This two-day course covers the more complex and powerful features of Crystal Reports. The course focuses on the student`s ability to perform tasks using the most productive techniques allowing you to pull data from all times of data sources. The course discusses very technical issues and includes several fast-paced, comprehensive exercises.


1. Refresher Exercise

  • Review of Planning a Report
  • Creating a Report
  • Placing Fields on the Report
  • Creating the Formulas
  • Advanced Grouping
  • Selecting Certain Records
  • Helpful Hints for Formatting the Report
  • Adding and Working with Text Objects
  • Hiding and Suppressing Sections

2. Power Formatting

  • Using Multiple Sections in Reports
  • Using the Section Expert to Work with
  • Sections
  • Exercises

3. Using the Running Totals Feature

  • Understanding Running Totals
  • Creating Running Totals for a List of Numbers
  • Conditional Running Totals

4. Prompting with Parameters

  • Parameter Fields Overview
  • Parameter Field Considerations
  • Creating a Parameter Field
  • Using a Parameter to Select Records
  • Using a Parameter Field
  • Using the Parameter Panel
  • Creating a Dynamic Value List
  • Importing a Pick List
  • Adding Parameter Values to Text
  • Objects
  • Allowing Multiple Values in Parameters
  • Using Multiple Parameter Fields in Reports
  • Specifying and Limiting a Range for a Parameter
  • Using Parameters in Conditional Formatting
  • Using an Edit Mask to Limit String Parameters
  • Sorting with a Parameter
  • Group Sorting with a Parameter
  • Using a Parameter to set N in a Top N or
  • Bottom N report
  • Displaying Parameter Fields
  • Cascading Parameter Fields

5. Using Advanced Formula Features

  • Understanding How Crystal Reports
  • Processes the Data
  • What is a Pass?
  • Using Evaluation Time Functions
  • Working with Variables
  • Declaring a Variable
  • Variable Scope
  • Separating Statements in Complex
  • Formulas
  • Working with Arrays
  • Understanding the Formula Evaluation
  • Time Debugger

6. Using Subreporting as a Workaround

  • Solution
  • Understanding Subreports
  • Unlinked versus Linked Subreports
  • Creating an Unlinked Subreport
  • Linking a Subreport
  • Database Links versus Subreports in
  • One-to Many Situations
  • Formatting the Subreport
  • Passing Data from the main Report into a Subreport
  • Creating on-demand Subreports
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Using Subreports to Link “Unlinkable”
  • Data

7. Creating Powerful Groups

  • Creating Custom Groups
  • Customizing Group Sort Order
  • Using Group Selection to Filter the
  • Records in the Report
  • Grouping on a Formula Field
  • Grouping Hierarchically

8. Working with Cross-Tab Reports

  • Understanding How Cross-Tabs Affect Your Data
  • Creating a Cross-Tab Report
  • Crating a Cross-Tab with Multiple Rows or Columns
  • Applying a Formatting Style to the
  • Cross-Tab
  • Customizing the Cross-Tab Format
  • Changing the Summary Operation
  • Charting Cross Tabs
  • Customizing Cross-Tab Group Names
  • CurrentFieldValue

9. Report Alerts

  • What are Report Alerts?
  • Creating Report Alerts
  • Basing Report Formulas or Conditional
  • Formatting on Report Alerts
  • Creative Usage for Report Alerts

Appendix A – Report Templates

  • What is a Report Template?
  • Standard Report Creation Wizard and
  • Templates
  • The Template Expert
  • Applying a Template and the consequences
  • Template Considerations
  • Creating Your Own Templates

Appendix B: The Northwind 2008 Database

Appendix C: Installation and System Requirements

  • Installing the Application
  • Minimum Installation Requirements

Appendix D: Setup Instructions for Crystal

  • Reports 2013
  • Crystal Reports 2013 Application
  • Installation Instructions
  • Installing Required Class Files

Appendix E: Function and Operation

  • Locations


A comfort level of understanding in regards to relational databases.


Experienced administrators, developers and end-users who are experienced with Crystal Reports.

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2 Days Course

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