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Apple Swift Application Development

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This 3 day instructor-led course will introduce students to Swift in a comprehensive way so that participants can start working with and exploring the technology. Completing this course will provide the students with the basics of Swift and the ability to build custom apps. Additionally, students will become more experienced in working with Xcode.

Topics Covered:

  • Swift command line programming
  • Live Rendering
  • Testing App performance
  • Xcode 6
  • Using Storyboards
  • Localizing Apps
  • REPL
  • Using Interface Builder
  • Debugging
  • Using the XCTest framework
  • Xcode Server
  • Developing Games
  • Playgrounds
  • 3D Rendering


Module 1: Introducing Playgrounds
  • Script Language vs. Native Code
  • Adding lines to a Timeline Assistant
  • Working with Sprite Kit scenes
  • Moving your code from the Playground to Your Project
Module 2: Swift and Command Line Programming
  • How to use REPL
  • How to use Swift Syntax in evaluating your app
  • How to write new code in a script-like environment
Module 3: Interface Building and Live Rendering
  • Overview
  • Displaying custom objects
  • Adding properties to IB Inspector
  • Understanding “Design Times” changes
  • How to create storyboards for any iOS device
  • Preview with IB for any iOS device
Module 4: Debugging your App
  • Overview
  • 3D Renders of all layers in a stack
  • Inspection & Debugging
  • Using Inspector
Module 5: Performance Testing with the XCTest Framework
  • Overview
  • Understanding the XCTest Framework
Module 6: Xcode 6
  • Overview
  • Xcode 6
  • Xcode Server
Module 7: Storyboards
  • Overview
  • Multiple Views
  • Animations
Module 8: Extensions & Frameworks
  • Overview
  • Using frameworks to streamline app features across multiple frameworks
Module 9: Developing Games
  • Overview
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Using SceneKit
Module 10: Localizing your App
  • Overview
  • Understanding localization
  • Localization upgrades in Xcode


Some software development experience along with MAC knowledge.


Those who have an interest in developing Swift applications.
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3 Days Course

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