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Adobe Animate

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Adobe Animate is a 2 day instructor led course and is the latest premier tool for creating and producing rich animations for the web and beyond. Adobe Animate, will allow users to design interactive animations using cutting-edge drawing tools and publish them to multiple platforms.

At Completion

  • Get to know the workspace and the Animate interface
  • Review the differences between Animate and Flash Professional
  • Create shape assets and manage the timeline
  • Emulate natural movement through easing
  • Manage layers in the timeline
  • Import external graphics
  • Manage bitmap images
  • Export a design in a variety of image formats
  • Work with HTML5 Canvas and WebGL publish targets
  • Use the PaintBrush tool
  • Apply colors and gradients
  • Explain symbols and instances
  • Animate with inverse kinematics
  • Create a personalized text message
  • Apply text effects
  • Publish a project for HTML5 Canvas
  • Import bitmap images
  • Work with animated masks
  • Use the PolyStar tool
  • Design with 3Dtools for animation
  • Create animated text
  • Work with Adobe Air for Desktop
  • Build nested, interactive Movie Clip symbols
  • Implement basic ActionScript concepts like variables, functions and event listeners
  • Control sound from ActionScript code
  • Work with Adobe Air for Mobile
  • Use buttons in Animate CC
  • Understand object-oriented ActionScript concepts
  • Edit and evaluate your interactive media content


Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Work Area Understanding the Workspace; Examining Animate CC vs. Flash Professional CC; Reviewing the Major Features of the Animate Interface Lesson 2: Design a Vector Animation Creating a Project; Drawing Vector Assets; Working with Vector Shapes; Modify Animation through Easing; Publishing the Animation for Flash Player Lesson 3: Construct an Internet Meme Image Using External Graphics; Managing Bitmap Images; Working with Text Elements; Generating an Image Lesson 4: Compose an Animated HTML5 Greeting Creating a New HTML5 Canvas; Laying Out the Background Elements; Editing the Graphic Symbol; Animating with Inverse Kinematics; Create a Personalized Text Message; Using JavaScript Code to Stop the Playhead; Publishing Your Project for HTML5 Canvas Lesson 5: Generate a Promotional Video Setting up Video Project; Creating Dynamic Backgrounds with Animated Shape Masking; Design a 3D Rotating Headshot; Animating with Motion Presets; Dynamic Animation with Variable-Width Motion Guides; Rendering and Converting RAW Video; Video in Animate CC Lesson 6: Tick Tock…Build a Virtual Clock Working with ActionScript 3.0; Creating an Adobe AIR Desktop Document; Building the Basic Visual Elements; Designing Animated Movie Clip Assets; Using Imported Audio; A Primer on ActionScript; Writing ActionScript to Control the Timeline; Testing an ActionScript Project; Publishing for Desktop Installation Lesson 7: Develop a Mobile Quiz App Creating an Adobe AIR for Mobile Document; Design the App Interface Elements; Writing Application Classes; App Logic and Flow; Publishing the App for Distribution Lesson 8: Wrapping it Up! Evaluating Interactive Media Content


Before taking this course, students should have strong Windows application skills such as launching programs, copying and pasting objects, formatting text, and saving files. Students should also have completed the course Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 or possess equivalent knowledge. Previous experience with JavaScript is also recommended.


This course is for web designers, web publishers, pre-press professionals and marketing communications professionals. It is appropriate for anyone with previous web design experience who needs to be able to create animations for the web environment.
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2 Days Course

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