I love to teach. It’s been a passion of mine for a number of years and, although I’ve left the strictly academic world, I continue to be involved in all forms of teaching any time I get a chance.

I also love agile development. I think that it’s a positive way to impact people in the software world. Agile removes a lot of the stress with projects by taking into account the creative aspect of software development. It makes the lives of developers, QA, managers, and BAs better by keeping us all from death march projects and it makes businesses more profitable, thereby making life better for the employees. Agile to me is a very humanistic development mechanism.

Scrum is, to me, a great framework for applying agile values and principles. It’s easy to learn and very, very effective. I’ve joined with scrum.org because I feel that they are the keepers of what Scrum is, at it’s very core. Scrum.org is to Scrum what the Oxford dictionary is to English – the final authority.

You can read more about Dr. Charles (Chuck) Suscheck at www.linkedin.com/in/suscheck.