ILT, Instructor Led Training remains the Top Learning Choice amongst Corporations for Knowledge Transfer

Our clients have long told us that they learn better with one of our instructors in the room with them. So we weren’t surprised by data from a survey conducted in 2015, surveying 400 corporate learning and development professionals by the research arm of Chief Learning Officer magazine and The Training Associates (TTA).


According to them, corporate learning has historically taken place in the classroom, with as much as 76 percent of all learning delivered as instructor-led training (ILT). The say the viability of ILT as a training method has been called into question recently, with every new modality entering the market. However, classroom instructor led training continues to rank as a top learning modality, used at 87 percent of respondent organizations. Examining the use cases among respondents shows why ILT continues to thrive. Learning professionals believe that ILT programs can engage learners and provide knowledge transfer better than other learning modalities.



Training Evolution. The current and future state of corporate learning modalities

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