DevOps Training In Cincinnati – Plus FAQs

DevOps is rocking the IT world by encouraging better collaboration, communication and integration between development and operations teams. Adoption rates are growing exponentially across the globe as organizations cater to quicker development and delivery cycles.

The result? DevOps organizations have improved IT Performance and Increased Business Value and are 2x as likely to exceed their goals in Profitability, Market Share, and Productivity.

DevOps master the subject

DevOps FAQ’s

What is DevOps
Why MAX for DevOps Training?
What impact does DevOps Training deliver?
Who are the instructors?
When is training available?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that improves IT’s time-to-market through better communication, collaboration, integration and automation.  It is the intersection of development (software engineering), technology operations and quality assurance (QA). DevOps is as much about a different way of thinking as it is a different way of behaving.

Why MAX?

Clients tell us DevOps Training at MAX is best for various reasons:

Delivery Options

Train at your place or ours. If you want your team trained on-site we do that, all the time. If private, on-site training is not an option for you, we currently have two public classes on our schedule.

Quality Instruction

  • Live training from Certified DevOps Trainers who have robust IT Operations (aka real world) work experience.
  • You benefit from Q&A with a master instructor, and dynamic dialogue with classmates that sparks a collaborative mindset, new ideas and new ways of thinking and problem solving.
  • Certified and Up-To-Date: MAX is an Official DevOps Institute Affiliate. Our close, active partnership keeps our training and knowledgebase fresh and on-track, so we get you playing at the top of your game.

What Impact Does DevOps Training Deliver?

  1. Increased Agility and Stability: Improved workflows as a result of DevOps implementation will result in an improved ability to design, develop, deploy and operate software and services faster.
  2. Organizations are more agile:
    1. Code is shipped 30X faster
    2. Deployments are completed with 200X shorter lead times
  3. Services are more reliable:
    1. 60X fewer failures
    2. Recover from failure 168X faster
    3. Services is restored 12X faster

See Puppet Labs State of DevOps Reports for more information.

Who Are The Instructors?

Judy Sanker

Judy Sanker
DPSM, ITIL Expert, ISO20K Consultant/Manager, DevOps, PMP, PRINCE2 Practitioner serving the Cincinnati OH area
Judy helped initiate DevOps adoption at Proctor and Gamble when she co-led the Service Transition Project (aka DevOps) for their Critical Systems Team.

Joyce Parker

Joyce Parker
ITIL Expert, DevOps, CPDE, MOF, SQMF ISO/IEC 20,000
30 years’ experience in the IT industry into the ITSM classroom

When is Training Available?

When is Training Available

Contact Us for a Private Class:
DevOps Foundations Public Classes
  • July 25 – 26 (Registrations Accepted Thru 7-19)
  • September 1 – 2

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