Custom Cloud Course Smooths Cloud Transition

a short story about how we helped a client move to the cloud

Summary: MAX created and delivered custom training that smoothed their migration to the cloud.

Moving to The Cloud Challenge

A client company approached MAX, looking for a way to alleviate employee resistance and reduce anxiety caused by fear of the company’s decision to change their enterprise IT platform from on-premises to the cloud. (Amazon Web Services to be exact).

Three distinct obstacles to overcome were identified:

  1. Misinformation and communication disconnect: Employees did not have a common knowledge base nor vocabulary with regard to Cloud Computing.
  2. Security awareness: employees needed to be trained to use the cloud securely and to recognize the new kinds of security threats to which cloud use is susceptible.
  3. Fear of job loss. Many employees feared the change was the beginning of the end for them. They didn’t see the company vision. How could their skills be transferred and augmented to fit the new model?


MAX Cloud Expert and Infrastructure Instructor, Tim O’Connor, joined the discussion and together we outlined a custom education plan to bring clarity, a common vocabulary and vision of what working “in the cloud securely” would look like for their team.

The result was an education plan that included tailor-made instructional content and examples, workbook, and delivery that was customized to fit the client’s local, nation-wide and international locations.


MAX provided a quick turn-around solution to educate hundreds of IT employees that came from every level within the organization, ensuring everyone met the migration with the same solid foundational knowledge. The training successfully equipped employees with accurate information that gave each of them a common reference point for future discussions, plans and eventual roll-outs.

The Rest of the Story — About Going Global

We soon discovered other clients were experiencing similar challenges and many needed a Microsoft Cloud based solution.

MAX is a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner and Tim is Microsoft Certified, so it was only natural for us to create a Microsoft applicable version of the custom material. This new course has been approved by Microsoft and will be globally available in the Microsoft Courseware Library soon.

Where can you get the course from the horse’s mouth? Right here in Mason, Ohio on our public open enrollment schedule where Tim O’Connor teaches this course exclusively. Of course Tim will come to your place too!   Check out the course outline. Introduction to Microsoft Cloud Computing for IT Workers.

The story doesn’t end here! MAX is continuing the conversation to deliver additional, more technical training as the client moves down their deployment path.

New Courses Exclusive

Two New Cloud Computing Course Outlines:

Introduction to Microsoft Cloud Computing for IT Workers

Introduction to Cloud Computing for IT Workers

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