Comprehensive Security Training at MAX

The Perfect Partnership. MAX and Mile 2

Max’s security curriculum has exponentially increased in breadth and depth with the help of Mile 2 – which has built a reputation of teaching the best to be that way. In addition to their more than 6000 private sector clients, this training and consulting company has provided training services to most U.S. military and intelligence agencies and their allies around the world. Mile 2 is vender agnostic which means they teach only the top-tier software – no matter the publisher. In other words, this isn’t a couple of undergrads working out of their dorm room

Mile 2 is not your usual training company. These guys train the military and intelligence agencies how to protect some of our countries most valuable assets. In the private sector their experience traverses virtually every major industry around the world. From finance, banking and insurance to oil gas and education, Mile 2 has been chosen by companies where security is immensely critical to all they do.

You won’t find a more comprehensive security curriculum.

In addition, Mile 2 sets itself apart from everyone else because their instructors are acute specialists in the material they are teaching you. Not only do they instruct, but they also consult with the some of the largest international companies and institutions. That means they provide in-the-trenches get-your-hands-dirty practical information – not just theory. All of their classes provide real-world application and lab exercises.

Why Should Your Company Invest in Security Training?

Evaluating the return on your training investment sometimes requires advanced calculus. But when it comes to security it’s a no brainer. What does it cost you if your database is hijacked? What kind of damage is done if your company’s proprietary intelligence is obtained because someone hacked into your network? There are seemingly countless ways hackers can cost a company money and its reputation.

According to the FBI/CSI Computer Crime Survey, 72% of the respondents had a security breach and the other 28% had no idea if a breach occurred. It’s difficult to digest the fact that that too many of us would not even know if we were hacked. So, how much is that worth to you?

We’ll Shut Up Now and Let Our Students Do the Talking

“…I was quite impressed with the entire training experience. I have more than 15 years experience in security and assessment related work experience specific to IT. Even with that experience, I was impressed with their level of knowledge and expertise…”

Division President
InfoSight Assessment Services

“…My experience with the course was very positive. The course content was right on, the instructor was very knowledgeable and obviously very experienced. They also provided a wealth of resources to continue learning beyond your course…”

Kelly Sparks, CISSP, GSNA, GGC
Principal Computer Analyst, Dynetcis, Inc.

“…The Mile2 CPTS and CPTE surpass the level of training provided by others due to the extensive hands on training you receive. I have taken both courses and found them to be of the most professional certifications courses I have been to. I think that these two certifications would take a vital role in training of our IA workforce. As Sun Tzu stated “know your enemy”.

Name Withheld for Security Reasons
US Marine Corps Information Assurance Team

“…The only way for an organization to know the effectiveness of the security controls already in place is to think like an attacker and be knowledgeable about and skilled with the cyber attack tools that are readily available to anyone. This is where the value of the Mile 2 CPTS/E classes lie. Mile2 instructors do not just teach theory of information attacks. They have real world penetration testing experience that they professionally convey in a hands-on environment…”

Name Withheld for Security Reasons
Senior Information Systems Security Analyst
Federal Aviation Administration

“The CPTS course was excellent!!”
Ernst H.
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

“I attended the course without any expectations assuming that the instructor would have been someone that had memorized the tool-set and briefed us off the slides. To my surprise they were extremely knowledgeable and demonstrated real-world experience in the Penetration Testing area…”

Name Withheld for Security Reasons
SSGT, United Sates Air Force

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