What do Bing, Google and SharePoint 2013 have in common?

What do Bing, Google and SharePoint 2013 have in common?Did you know that Search is one of the most ignored areas of SharePoint? Some say it is easy, just install and go. But users often perform web style searches that return thousands of items and then give up. Discover the power of search with our Search for Power Users class. With a little search administration you can discover what users are looking for and quickly send them to the right content. Users can’t spell the CEO’s name and can’t find the CEO’s documents? A search administrator can fix that. Users search for sales literature and find thousands of other things? A search administrator can get them to the right content in just one more click. Train a Search Administrator and keep those valuable users happy and make search super easy!

The two new courses below will have you and your users searching seamlessly in no time!

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Search for Power Users

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Search Administration

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